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 Severus Snape Revelations

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Lady Snape
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PostSubject: Severus Snape Revelations   Wed Dec 17 2008, 23:32

It has been stated that Joanna has said that Severus Snape is an anagram. (The original of this anagram thread can be found on Veritaserum.com) But what is the anagram ? That is what this thread is for. No one really knows. But, Joanna does have a fondness for Latin / Roman. Could the anagram have some relation to the Latin words found within the name ? I have been twisting and turning letters for quite some time and have come up with quite a few startling discoveries.
First the obvious :
Severus - strict, grave, serious, stern, hard
Now, this is what I have found using a Latin to English dictionary :
Verus - true, real, genuine, just, reasonable
Ares - the Greek god of War ( interesting)
avus - grandfather, ancestor
Venus - charm, love, a loved one, the Roman goddess of love
servus - serving, servile, subject, subject to other rights
vanes - part of the latin vanesco meaning to disappear, pass away
pan - part of the latin Panos, the god of flocks, shepherds
penes se esse - latin phrase meaning to be in one's senses
rus - to the country

That is certainly a good starting point. But, do not forget the english language as well.

nurses evans
saves seven ( Could Harry be the seventh horcrux ? )
peeves ( avus - could Peeves have actually been Severus's granfather / ancestor ? )
saves evans
saves us

What all can you come up with ?
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Severus Snape Revelations

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