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 Muggle Technology

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1st Year
1st Year

Registration date: 2006-02-22
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PostSubject: Muggle Technology   Fri Feb 27 2009, 08:14

Muggle Technology

What is electricity? What exactly does a computer do? And how is it possible to carry around all that music without magic?!

The first class of this term (technically, anyway) will look at how muggles have made it possible to gather information from anywhere just by clicking a mouse, how it all started, and what the future holds for wizard and muggle technology.

Your task is to write an essay (300<600) which explains three aspects of muggle technology. They could range from iPods, mobile phones, electricity itself, to robots, electric cookers, or kettles. For each aspect, come up with a few ways that wizards can adapt this piece of technology to fit more with their lifestyle.

There is a maximum of 90 points for this class.
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Head Girl : 5th Year : Death Eater
Head Girl : 5th Year : Death Eater

Registration date: 2006-06-03
Number of posts: 30320
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PostSubject: Re: Muggle Technology   Sat Mar 21 2009, 20:29

There are many things that muggles use that boggle the minds of witches and wizards. How are muggles able to do half of the things they dow ith the aid of magic? Some how these muggles are able to figure it out. For instance there are the airplanes. These airplanes are much, much, much bigger than our brooms and muggles are able to keep them up in the air without magic. All that's keep them up is something they call engines. Maybe this is thier form of magic. One muggle said that these engines help push out air that helps to give them lift. Also muggles are able to fit many people in them so not only does this giant plane have to carry it's own wait but also the wieght of it's passengers. What they should do is make the plane smaller. It will make them less noticeable and make air travel a lot safer for us wizards who accidentily flew too close to one and almost was caught in thier engines. If they were smaller we wouldn't have that problem.

Airplaes aren't the only thing that muggles have created to purplex us wizards. The muggles also created what they call a t.v. It puts images on a screen for them to star at for hours on end. I do not see the point behind it. All they do is watch people on it who go and do stuff. A muggle tried to explain it to me but I just couldn't understand it. If it were up to me I would make it so that you were right there in the action. It would make watching the t.v. much more interesting and exciting if you were there. It would make attending a qudditch match much more easier.

The most interesting thing that the muggles have must be the internet. Many times I ahve heard muggles talkign about this and I finally took some time out of my busy schedule to try out this internet and found it to be fascinating. It's an easy way to get in touch with others without wasting floo powder or sending an owl. It's like writing a letter and sending it to the person your trying to contact and they get it seconds later. It could be very useful and more reliable. The only thing is that many wizards wouldn't be able to use it. Maybe if we charmed it so that it would do everything by thought instead of having to use the mouse and clicking on things. It would make it much easier to use.
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1st Year
1st Year

Registration date: 2009-03-22
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PostSubject: Re: Muggle Technology   Mon Mar 23 2009, 15:30

My report on the technology of muggles

Though muggles struggle by without magic we in the wizards world find it increasingly surprising as to how they continue to change and adapt their lives and lifestyles through technology. What we can do with magic and they can't without they find a way in which to aid and improve their standards of living and the boundaries in which they can achieve.

The muggles have over the years produced more and more technology that intrigues and bemuses many of use in the wizarding world, yet elsewhere they use these to their advantage and successfully do what we've never thought of doing, simply as we are gifted with the ability to use magic.

Taking the example of technology such as computers, muggles are able to find out almost anything by pressing buttons that type a message or a question that they wish to know and simply searching, as one might say, files. They use a source called an 'internet' which basically is a large collection of information and images that are linked to possibly every subject imaginable.

With devices such as 'iPods' muggles can listen to their favourite music anywhere, and at any point. No magic needed. Such things require a source of power to use them and are regenerated on a thing called electricity.

Humans harness energy called electricity, and do this by burning things that they find work well to do so, and they use this energy to do many things in their homes and everyday lives. Infact, muggles are as much dependant on electricity as we are of magic. In a way one could put it as being their 'source of magic'.

Whereas we live by either magically enchanting wants to write or writing by hand, the muggles are able to type out what they wish on their computers, a definate bonus for homework. Also in the muggle world a lot of the methods of teaching are based around such things, with lessons being planned by such things, and presented by them.

Probably most strangely muggles can own handheld items called 'mobiles' which enables them to speak to others anywhere in the world, without sending a letter! Most confusing when they're walking around, it's hard to tell who they're talking to.

Though technology in the muggle world continues to change and improve lives we in the wizarding world could take not from what the muggles do, as surely this can be aided to our causes with help of magic.

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Raistlin The Wizard
Headmaster : Slytherin 2nd Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All
Headmaster : Slytherin 2nd Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

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PostSubject: Re: Muggle Technology   Thu Aug 20 2009, 08:46

stephy - 80
Rebecks - 90

Something Wicca This Way Comes!

Everyone stare at the awesomeness amber gave me:


Other titles:
Slytherin Second Head of House
Astronomy Professor
Dark Studies (temporary) Professor
Healer Studies (temporary) Professor
Divination (temporary Professor)

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Occlumency: not yet certified.

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Muggle Technology
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