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 Quidditch Fouls

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5th Year

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PostSubject: Quidditch Fouls   Sun May 15 2011, 10:19

This class is for my Bronze Hand Badge and will be graded by the current professor. Thanks!

Anyone whose played Quidditch (or picked up Quidditch Through the Ages) knows that there are seven hundred possible fouls that can be committed. Though the Ministry has never released all seven hundred (they think itíll give us ideas), youíve broken into the Department of Magical Games and Sports and now have them all! Youíre going to release them all to the world so for this class, you need to come up with all 700 fouls! Just kidding, you only need to come up with 7 new fouls. You can make the fouls funny, serious, involving wands, not involving wands ect. but please be creative as this makes them that much more fun to read!

After coming up with the seven fouls, write a short RP for each foul that includes a player committing foul, the crowds reaction, the players reactions and the penalty that follows. Each RP should be around 100 words.

Points upon completion: 100
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Quidditch Fouls
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